A blog for those who don’t have the expertise of a culinary school, but love food. I haven’t written long stories/descriptions of the dishes, it’s just the recipe and the steps because that’s all you really need. Most of the dishes were cooked for my friends and they loved them, so if you don’t like them you know who to blame.

Beef Birria Consome and tacos

Birria is a spicy stew, traditionally made from goat or beef meat. INGREDIENTS AMOUNTBeef- Chuck pot roast and Shank1KgChile guajillo5Chile cascabel5Chile pasilla2Chile morita2White Onion1Garlic4 clovesBeef Stock bullion1Apple cider vinegar2 table spoonsBay leaves5Whole black pepper10Oregano1 teaspoonWhole cloves5Cinnamon stick1 small Whole cumin1/4 teaspoonAll spice1/4 teaspoonThyme1/4 teaspoonGround ginger1/4 teaspoonSaltto tasteRoma Tomatoes4

Salsa Roja

Spicy salsa recipe INGREDIENTSAMOUNTTomatoes 4Chile de árbol10White onion1/4Garlic cloves2Oregano1/4 teaspoonOil3 tablespoonsSaltTo tasteBlack pepperTo taste


Traditional Turkish flatbread. There are many topping options and you can customise according to your taste! INGREDIENTSAMOUNTWater50 mlsSugar1 teaspoonDry yeast1 teaspoonMilk50 mlsAll purpose flour 200 gramsVegetable oil1 tablespoonSalt To tasteCheese Kasar cheese or Mozzarella/Cheddar

Imam Bayildi

An Ottoman dish made with whole roasted eggplants stuffed with onion, garlic and tomatoes and simmered in olive oil.